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Buck's Heroes   -   A book for all ages

On a beautiful autumn weekend in October - 2000,  the Scout Dog Handler and his friend Buck visit The Wall.  There were hundreds of dog handlers at the National Reunion at the Black Granite Wall but only one dog...the Siberian Husky Buck!   The old husky found new friends as he met the spirits of the War Dogs of the Vietnam War.  They shared stories of the war as seen through their eyes and stories of heroism and loyalty to the soldiers, marines, sailors, and airmen that followed in their footsteps.  Over 4,000 Served...Only 204 Survived. 

Buck's Heroes - The War Dogs

Written by Scout Dog Handler Johnny Mayo  Illustrated by Tonia Marynell

Flying in Choppers...the Tiger and Snake story.  The Last Walk with Tiger, Kelly.   Budda, Bryn, Prince and Rex share stories of the bond between man and dog and what life was like in the combat zones of Vietnam.     Chief, the Marine dog, speaks of the meaning of "Never Leave a Fallen Comrade on the Battlefield".  King tells the story of the combat medic.  Dutch the sentry shares tales of the Air Force sentry.   So many stories, so many tales the heroic War Dogs share with Buck the Husky at the Wall on the beautiful autumn afternoon.   Tonia Marynell's artwork captures in detail the fluid motion of the dogs' stories in Buck's Heroes.   Bucks Heroes is a book that tugs at the heart strings of our emotions.  Buck's Heroes is a Book for All Ages.    But adult readers...  *Have a box of tissue handy, please.

War Dogs

Buck's Heroes is beautifully illustrated by Tonia Marynell.  Johnny met Tonia a couple months after the 2000 reunion in Washington.  From a photograph of "Buck at the Wall", Tonia produced the above image of Buck meeting the War Dogs and the beginning of their amazing stories of dogs in war... 

Buck's Heroes - stories of Tiger, Kelly, Axel, Prince, Chief, King, Rex, Budda and more as Buck listened intently to every single detail, every story and at the end of the day,.. He promised to tell the world about their bravery, loyalty, and sacrifice.

They are Buck's Heroes - The War Dogs





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