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Johnny Mayo - Author of Buck's Heroes (and Buck) with the picture that created thoughts of a traveling war dog exhibit, the WarDogWall,  and now the planned South Carolina War Dog Monument in Columbia, SC.  Johnny & Oliver North taping a segment of Fox News "War Stories" in 2002 and chatting with General William Westmoreland about the use of the military working dogs in Vietnam,  at the USS Yorktown (2000)

Born in 1950, Johnny Mayo grew in the Olympia community in Columbia, SC.   Drafted into the US Army in 1969, he served in the Vietnam War as a scout dog handler with the 173rd Airborne Brigade.  He attributes his returning home to America and his family to the brave infantrymen he walked point for and two War Dogs, Tiger and Kelly.

                                           Mayo & Scout Dogs Tiger  &  Kelly - Vietnam 1970

Johnny graduated from Clemson University in 1976 and started work with the US Postal Service in 1978 in the Columbia, SC Mail Processing Center.

As a friend to animals all his life, Johnny's love and admiration of his War Dogs continued into his civilian life as he became guardians of two German Shepherds, Tiger and Sheba, shortly after returning home from the war in 1971.  

In 1991 a special Siberian Husky pup stepped into Johnny's life, his name was Buck.   Buck later would impact many lives during their journey as Johnny and Buck educated all ages about the importance of the Military Working Dog...     Named after the main character in Jack London's "Call of the Wild",  Johnny's Buck enjoyed a long life of adventure on the rivers and trails of the Appalachian Mountains.

Some of Johnny's favorite hobbies have been a love of wilderness canoeing and whitewater kayaking since the mid-1970s, enjoying the solitude of the mountain outdoors, and a knack for building mountain cabins.  One cabin in particular he is most proud of is a 1600 sq. ft. log house built from scratch,...  Yes,  nothing more basic than using a block & tackle, broad axe, and chain saw that makes the back scream for mercy.  Moving, honing, rolling, and placing 1200 lb. logs much like our early ancestors was the goal.

Johnny with the help of the Celebrate Freedom Foundation Johnny has educated thousands about the War Dogs of Vietnam with his educational exhibit.  The exhibit has been displayed in many locations in the eastern U.S., and major cities as far as Phoenix, AZ, St. Louis, Mo, and New York City.   The War Dog exhibit has also been invited to be displayed at several of the Vietnam Traveling Wall sites over the years.

Johnny served on the board of directors of the National War Dog Monument from May, 2001 to Dec. 2006.  The Mission - Planning, Creating, and Dedicating a National WarDog Monument in Washington,DC.

Over the past seven years, Johnny initiated state proclamations honoring S.C. working dog teams. 

Johnny and Buck have had the honor of meeting many special friends including thousands of Vietnam Veterans, Veteran dog handlers, and many of our nation's active duty handlers recently deployed in our War on Terrorism. 

Johnny and Buck will always be forever thankful to the dozens of friends, human and k9, that have helped share the amazing life stories of our nation's Military Working Dogs.

After 11 years of traveling for the War Dogs since 2000 and educating the public about the important roles of K9s in military service, Johnny has added another generation of K9 companions helpers,  K9s Sky, Luke, and JD.   Johnny is now giving his full attention to building a Military Working Dog Monument in Columbia, SC like no other in the United States.


SEMPER FIDO to all our friends,      Johnny & All ofBuck,'s K9 Companions

Call of the Wild: A Young Buck at one of his favorite play spots..... the Chattooga River (circa 1994)

                                    BUCK  (1994)                                          Johnny & Luke (GS) and JD the Mal (2011)                                       Johnny with Nakita, Sheba, Shadow, & Buck (2004)



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