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Johnny Mayo and Buck's Heroes Presents


Johnny Mayo's Tribute Wall to the 4,000 War Dogs of the Vietnam War.    4,000 Kennel Signs representing each of the brave four-legged warriors that served in each brancha of the service in Vietnam.  The twenty-four foot Wall are the dogs that were KIA in Vietnam.  A small table outside a roped perimeter holds the 204 K9 survivors of Vietnam...And on the ground are 3,400 Kennel Signs Representing the War Dogs that Died of Disease, Dogs Transferred to ARVN, and Over 2,000 Heroic War Dogs That Survived the Horrors and Hell of Combat...Only to be Considered as Surplus Equipment and Euthenized as the Vietnam War Ended.

The War Dog Wall was first erected at the Celebrate Freedom Foundation Airshow on Veterans Day in November, 2003.   Since 2003, Johnny has exhibited the WD Tribute Wall across the country.



Buck's Heroes is Their Stories

Beautiful Book Layout and Illustrations by Tonia Marynell

Written by Johnny Mayo, Vietnam Scout Dog Handler.  

and Buck, Well He's the War Dogs Story Teller


Bucks Heroes Book

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